Rick DePamphlis NexLevel Golf
“Rick is an excellent player, a suberb teacher and among the best I have ever seen”

Paul Harney/Mass Golfer Player of the Century
“Rick is at the very highest level of instruction and could help the highest level of player and could very easily help Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or anybody you could name. People don’t recognize how good Rick is   ...   at the very top of his profession.”

Gary Larrabee/North Shore Historian & Golf Author
“Rick is completely dedicated to growing the game through teaching the joys of playing golf and has taught and coached numerous outstanding golf champions, earning him the reputation of being one of the best teachers in New England.”

New England PGA
“ GOLF RANGE MAGAZINE has selected Rick DePamphilis as a 2008 Top 50 Golf Instructor in America for his teaching excellence demonstrated during his time spent teaching golf since 1992. This award acknowledges Rick’s highest level of teaching skill and commitment to growing the game of golf.”

Steve DiContanzo/Golf Range Magazine Founder
"Rick, [son] Alex has been awarded a golf scholarship to attend the University of the Pacific in the fall.  He also just won his league tournament shooting 68,76.  We are still both very thankful to you for all your help in developing Alex's game."

Ken Wagner
"Luke is very much enjoying practicing and playing, likes competitive events and wants to get better [following three 2nd place finishes in NEPGA Junior Tour & Ferncroft CC Jr. Club Championship win]....we are on the right track to improve and will continue with lessons as we both know and see the value of regular lessons...thanks for your help."

Brian & Luke Farley
"Rick, our patients enjoyed having you here and I've had some great feedback from your [golf instruction seminar presentation] talk...hope we get a chance to work together in the near future."

Dr. Ryan Hewitt
“Rick, following your coaching over the winter, I played my first round of the spring and thoroughly
enjoyed it ... I was in play off the tee, hit several fairways and greens and made several pars ... a more enjoyable golf experience .”

Rick Martin
“Rick, shot 74, which is my best score ever and I attribute this to utilizing your teaching during our lessons on every shot tee to green ... confidence is sky high ... thanks again!"

Scott Rutledge
“Rick, I have gone from a hard swinging, fall down average duffer to a smooth and graceful golfer.  Your teaching concepts not only work but can be adopted by all.”

Stu Rosnick
“Rick, Luke is happy having the weekly lessons with you and believes it to be a big help ... he has been top scorer on his high school team and shot even par at Myopia for medalist honors in a high school match.”

Brian Farley/Parent
“Rick, I made it to the quarterfinals of this year's New Hampshire Amateur - finished in the top 10 in medal play, made it to the quarterfinals in match play - you have helped me tremendously over the years.”

Dave Walde
“Rick, wanted to say thank you for the recent playing lesson - can’t tell you how excited I am ... I  still get goosebumps about what I learned ... truly invaluable ... can’t thank you enough ...”

Rob Raftery
“After 45 minutes with Rick on the lesson tee I knew I was on my way ...  Rick is a great teacher & highly  skilled communicator who is knowledgable about the golf swing and very sensitive to his students needs.”

Webb Heintzelmann/Former PGA Tour Player
“Kelly Robb blossomed under the tutelage of Rick DePamphilis to becoming the WGAM’s youngest Women’s State Amateur Champion in history.”

Jim McCabe/Boston Globe
"Shot my best round ever.  Almost broke 90 already!"

Arthur Mach