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Now, and for the first time at Paradise Golf, Rick's students can tap into the knowledge and wisdom of an award winning teacher and coach with a championship golf playing background.  This unique combination of teaching and playing expertise can help student golfers take their game to the next level through Ricks' 1-hour playing lessons using state of the art simulator technology ...

"Rick, the time you have spent with me on course during our playing lesson was honestly one of the most eye-opening experiences I've ever had!  You've been such an incredible source of wisdom, help and support I can't even begin to express hoe grateful I am and can't thank you enough!"  Maxine H. / Holy Cross Women's Golf Team

It has been said that playing the game of golf well is 90% mental - it was golf legend Bobby Jones who once said "the toughest game in golf is the six inch course played between the ears!"  Yet traditional golf instruction more frequently focus on the physical aspects of learning golf without addressing the mental aspects (Rick's specialty) as well ...

"Rick, I just want to let you know that your playing strategy is working ... shot 40 on front nine at Myrtle Beach and was killing my driver.  You have made the difference ... you are the first instructor I ever took a lesson from who said "you can do it" ... thanks again!  Dick B. / longtime senior golfer

The "can do" teaching philosophy permeates through all Ricks' students regardless of skill level - even brand new players to the game!

"Rick, thank you for the lessons ... I've had many coaches up through the collegiate level and I must say I was extremely impressed .. wasn't sure I would like golf but you've helped me get into the sport the right way and now I've got the golf bug!  Angela M. / new golfer / former collegiate athlete

With special emphasis on developing his students playing ability, Rick has helped them accomplish things on a golf course they never dreamed possible ...

"Rick, just thought I would pass along an update on my lesson progress - I hit my first ever hole-in-one on the 11th hole at Ipswich CC this past Tuesday ... for all your help!  Art M. / Health Club Owner / Operator

You, too can be part of the growing list of student testimonials who have taken their golf game to the next level.  Take advantage of this first of its kind offering at Paradise Golf with a PGA Master Teacher and professional golfer who can help you improve your physical and mental game utilizing state of the simulator technology.  Simulator golf playing lessons at Paradise Golf with Rick last one hour.

Indoor golf training centers typically include learning centers with one or more golf simulators which provide immediate and accurate ball flight feedback following every swing, based on the impact position of the clubface, swing path, angle of attack, centeredness of contact and clubhead speed in stunning 3 ‘D’ graphics.  Virtually 100% accurate, the full screen or monitor golf simulator projects the ball flight shot shape [hooks or slices], trajectory, distance and direction relative to a target with any/all clubs.  With optional golf range practice or golf course play modes, golfers may simply work on their swing or play any number of holes on a championship golf course from tee to green and into the hole.

When used for teaching and training, each ball striking swing generates enough impact data which allows golfers to work on every aspect of their game – all in a controlled indoor environment free from distractions and wind chill elements typically found outdoors during the cold winter months.  Golf simulator projected screen images [on computer monitor] may also include two angles of the golfers swing – one from the side and the other from ‘down the line’ for video taping analysis and playback.  These angles provide the basis for viewing aim, alignment, ball position, swing plane and body motion which produce the ball flight in static or dynamic playback modes.

Golfers may use this type of state of the art technology to work on their golf game independently [indoors] or under the supervision and watchful eye of a golf instructor. Indoor golf training centers offer beginning golfers a great place to start while providing the more experienced players with a venue to train and condition their golf swing during the off-season.  To keep their golf games well-oiled, seasoned golfers may play 9 or 18 holes of championship golf on some of the most recognized courses the world!

Rick DePamphilis is PGA Master Professional who has been listed as a top teacher in the state, region & country by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf Range Magazine respectively.  Email Rick at rdepam@aol.com to schedule a playing lesson appointment.
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